Hiking Car Wreck Trail in Laguna Beach

Your Guide to Hiking Car Wreck Trail in Laguna Beach

Park your car at Alta Laguna Park
3300 Alta Laguna Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

This is a 3.5 mile loop

There are restrooms and drinking fountain there.
This will be the only bathroom and water available to you on this hike.

What To Bring

A camera
Cell phone

What To Wear

A hat
Hiking boots or shoes


Walk down the sidewalk to the right towards Top Of The World entrance.

Take a photo of the map-sign so you’ll have it for reference.
There usually are printed maps there as well.

You’ll take the trail to the right of the sign.
Follow W. Ridge onto Mathis Canyon
You’ll see Car Wreck Trail as you’re going down Mathis Canyon
Just keep heading down the trail on Mathis Canyon.
The Car Wreck Trail you just passed will be
where you come out of on your way back.

At the bottom of the hill on Mathis Canyon
you’ll turn right onto Car Wreck Trail.
You’ll stay on this trail until you get back to the
intersection you passed on the way down the hill.
Car Wreck & Mathis Canyon

Watch this video to see the terrain and what you’ll see along the way

Guided hike from Top of the World to Car Wreck Trail